Features Overview


Blended Learning

Blended learning is a method that has gained recognition throughout the educational platforms. Implementing blended learning will help the students who are excelling to continue while allowing attention to be given to those that need extra assistance. By definition, blended learning is the combination of formal teaching with technology. In this environment, curriculum compacting is possible as well. To learn more about blended learning, please visit blendedlearning.org and check our page in the directory.

*Think of the blended learning as the environment. The focus is on the whole picture.



The Ascent Modality

The Paragon Modality is a method to harness mental stressors to catalyze growth. Due to the environment provided, the students have the space to mentally move from one related task to another. We try to eliminate the dreaded “dead space and time” as much as possible without compromising getting off task. The aspect that makes the Paragon Modality special is the “Time allocation and application” space. This space is where students will apply what they learned to real life, real world problems. They have a certain problem that they have to solve by bringing together what they learned so far. But this isn’t all. It gets them to think about what is needed in order for them to solve the problem if they cannot solve it yet. This isn’t about solving the problem as the end goal but to get the students in the habit of problem solving. Read more on the Paragon Modality here.