Time: School dismissal to 6 PM

Day: Every week day

This is not your average “after school” program. This is a Total Student Development program. One that focuses on the strengths of the students while cultivating mental fortitude, physical strength and emotional resiliency. We are not a short game, sprint type of program but a marathon.

Serviced Schools:

Olinda Elementary, Country Hills Elementary , Brea Olinda Jr. High, Laguna Road Elementary, Beechwood Elementary,

Beechwood Jr. High, Parks Jr. High, Christ Lutheran Private School


Academic Success and Enjoyment

A staple in our program is the academic enjoyment of our students. It’s to make sure that students do stellar in their respective schools. We believe that there is way for students to do great at their school, enjoy learning and do it in a way that is engaging and contentment. From arithmetic critical thinking to novel immersion, we look at the reasoning and philosophy of the subject, rather than teaching how to push papers.

Teams/ Community

The community at ASCENT is like no other. We place emphasis and focus on the entire being of the student. The physical, mental and emotional health of these students play a crucial role in the development of students. Students will choose between business, content creation, robotics, and athletics as their team and will have the opportunity to rotate to other teams every 2 months.

Mentorship/ Leadership

The importance of mentorship is highly valued at ASCENT. More than the program or curriculum, our job is to make sure that students have someone to talk to at all times. It may not seem like much, but as the student’s are growing, the need to talk to them exponentially increases. We cover philosophy and leadership concepts and curriculum that was developed in house.

Classes at ASCENT

  • School Session: School Sessions encompass everything from homework help to test prep. Students are obligated to finish their homework along with getting it checked before they go on to their next agenda. ( Everyday)

  • Leadership Application: This class will focus on leadership concepts along with practical mentorship regarding how to lead a team. Some topics that will be covered: Multi-dimensional leadership, Capacity and capability, Makeup of a leader, Troubleshooting problems and issues, Anticipation and reaction, Team creation, Fear management, Stress and pressure management, and Communication skills. ( 1 Class/ Week)

  • Arithmetic reasoning: This class will focus on the conceptual areas of Math. Many students know how to solve a problem because of the repetition and not necessarily due to understanding of the material. Presenting a higher level of math will give insight to where the students are missing pieces in their understanding. ( 3 Classes/ Week)

  • History Analysis: 3rd- 8th Graders will learn about different times and eras and go through activities and discussions about these times. Some points in history will be US History, Medieval History, and Ancient Civilizations

  • Sciences 101: 3rd to 8th graders will learn earth, life, physical and chemical sciences in a structured yet engaging environment that will have projects, discussions, and lectures on different types of sciences. Current advances and technology will also be taught in this class.

  • Literary Skills: Students will read and learn from famous novels such as The Hatchet, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations to name a few. We will also be covered writing skills and proper conveyance of thoughts and messages. For students that only have two Literary classes, History classes will also be facilitated for this kind of environment.

  • Philosophy: this class will focus on critical thinking, logic, correct argument formation and locating pitfalls in another’s argument. Thoughts and writings from Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and other Philosophers along with past leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill will be looked at and analyzed. ( 1 Class/ Week)

  • Team meetings: Students will be divided amongst all grades for team meetings. Half of this this, the team will have the chance to advise and mentor their members along with discussing school situations and issues. The other half of the time, they are to focus on their given tasks such as content creation, entrepreneurial skills and lessons, or athletic prep. Students will have the opportunity throughout the school year to switch teams and experience different situations. ( 2 Classes/ Week)

  • Strength and Conditioning (C&S) : This class is all based on physical capability. We believe that strength and conditioning in a supervised and structured environment can help students better regulate pressure and stressors so that they can operate in high stress situations outside of ASCENT. (1 Class/ Week)