Time: School dismissal to 6 PM

Day: Every week day

This is not your average “after school” program. This is a Total Student Development program. One that focuses on the strengths of the students while cultivating mental fortitude, physical strength and emotional resiliency. We are not a short game, sprint type of program but a marathon.


Academic Success and Enjoyment

A staple in our program is the academic enjoyment of our students. It’s to make sure that students do stellar in their respective schools. We believe that there is way for students to do great at their school, enjoy learning and do it in a way that is engaging and contentment. From arithmetic critical thinking to novel immersion, we look at the reasoning and philosophy of the subject, rather than teaching how to push papers.

Teams/ Community

The community at ASCENT is like no other. We place emphasis and focus on the entire being of the student. The physical, mental and emotional health of these students play a crucial role in the development of students. Students will choose between business, content creation, robotics, and athletics as their team and will have the opportunity to rotate to other teams every 2 months.

Mentorship/ Leadership

The importance of mentorship is highly valued at ASCENT. More than the program or curriculum, our job is to make sure that students have someone to talk to at all times. It may not seem like much, but as the student’s are growing, the need to talk to them exponentially increases. We cover philosophy and leadership concepts and curriculum that was developed in house.