Student-Leadership Teams


These teams are led by the students to get their collaboration and entrepreneurial minds flowing. The schedule for these groups differ from each other. Their weekly meetings take place on Friday and some teams meet on Saturdays to execute their plans. Students have the oppportunity to try other teams as well. Check out our Instagram page for all that’s happening!

Entrepreneur Team

Throughout the year, there are several national conferences and conventions for young entrepreneurs. Our team comes up with a business, funding, and marketing plan. We believe that student’s have skillsets that can be used to further their own endeavors and should be encouraged to out their skillsets and crafts to use.

Athletics Team

Many of our students are in their personal athletic endeavors. No one student plays the same sport but they all share a love for athletics. This team conditions and cross trains together so they can get ready for their respective sport when the time comes. A team within a team.

Content Creation (Media)

As ASCENT grows, it is imperative to us that we have a strong online presence. Our CC team is responsible for videos, photos and general online digital content so parents and students know what is happening at ASCENT, along with growing their own social media and content platform.

Robotics Team

Our team meets to prep for VEX Robotics events. The students will learn how to program, and control a robot that they build according to the task at hand provided by VEX.

Community Service

The Community Service team is responsible for looking for opportunities for ASCENT to get involved in our community. Although community service is highly recommended for all of our students, it is this team that mobilizes them.